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Better, smarter travel for every journey

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Revolutionising travel distribution and retailing, offering all journeys through a single, multimodal travel operating platform connecting all travel Providers, Resellers and Partners

Junction puts travel on the right track


From door to door


Frictionless and effective


For all providers, resellers and partners

One platform

For the multimodal journey

Why Junction
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Fluid and simple
Seamless choices to create a new golden age for travel
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Powered by innovation
Every movement is powered by elegant technology
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Your journey
Leaving us free to travel on our own terms
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Your way
Giving travellers choice control and confidence

Connect to a modern, value driven and customer centric ecosystem

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Simplify retailing
Connect with a wide array of providers. Through one integration
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Expand your scope
Open your horizons to new travel sectors and ancillary products
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Wow your customers
Door-to-door. Multi-modal. One Booking. The customer experience fit for the modern era
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Modernise payments
Fully integrated solutions for modern reconciliation and payments - the way your customers want it
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Simplify distribution
Connect with a wide array of resellers. No legacy gatekeepers in your way
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Expand your reach
Grow and expand your sales channels on a global scale
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Remove complexity
Reduce cost and complexity and focus on what you do best
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Unlock opportunities
Tap into a demanding global travel industry in high demand for ancillaries
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Drive innovation
Your technology service for travel. List your services on our crowd store catalogue for third party solutions
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Drive collaboration
Drive collaboration and creativity with providers and resellers through open API architecture. Let the business development run wild
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Simple and scalable
Simple and scalable commercial model tailored individually to each partnership
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Travel pioneers
Join the next generation of travel pioneers and change the world of travel
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All for the benefit of the end customer

Shop and buy travel the way that suits you. For every journey
A one-stop shop for all your travel needs from your partner of choice
Multimodal door-to-door experiences on a global scale

The time is now


Travel is rebounding

Pent-up demand is driving a post pandemic boom


Future is multimodal

Pushed by policies and changed travel patterns


Meet the expectations

Customers want more. Now. Other industries set the new standard


Innovation is coming

Covid opened the floodgates to change


Technology is ripe

To deliver the expected experience


Cost efficiency remains

Innovation must support the bottom line

Introducing Junction

Our multimodal travel operating platform and how it works:

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Junction Go enables booking and management of multimodal travel content

Junction Go Diagram

Junction Plus provides our “In tune. On time” concept enhancing traveler experience well beyond the point of booking

Junction Plus Diagram

Junction Pay introduces a modern fintech approach enabling smooth transactions and lower fees

Junction Pay Diagram

Junction One is our smart travel management platform made simple

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Junction Extensions is a range of purpose built solutions tapping into the Junction landscape

Junction Extensions Diagram

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