Junction – the multimodal travel platform

Junction is an end-to-end travel booking and management platform. It signals the end of the outdated, fragmented travel tech ecosystem – and the start of a new golden era of travel. Retailers, resellers, partners and travellers can now search, book, and control every aspect of travel in one, unified platform.

Junction makes travel better for everyone.

The entire global travel market, in one place

Seamlessly unify the world’s travel content, booking and management, in one platform. A single API connects all B2B travel platforms to Junction. Legacy systems and multiple platforms can be linked together – in a performance-enhancing, user-friendly environment.

Multi-modal personalised trips

We find the offers that best suit the traveller's needs and combine them into a single multimodal booking.

1000s of travel products. One API

Give people the best offers on air, rail, hotel, ride hailing and activities. Let them book it all at once, in a logical, guided process – without ever leaving your platform.

Human-first automation

Make the hard parts easy. Give travellers automated disruption management, automatic check-in, and provide personalised recommendations.

Book once. Pay once

Simple and seamless. Provide whole journeys and itineraries, under a single booking reference – and a single payment.

It’s not magic – but it sure does feel like it

We’ve been building travel technology since 2003. And in that time, we’ve learned that travel tech works best when it feels like it’s not even there.

Travel Services
Single Offers
Junction Api
Multimodal Trips

Junction’s API connects to the whole B2B travel management ecosystem. Content from travel operators, vendors, resellers and partners can now be distributed seamlessly, through a single travel platform.

A modular platform that scales with you

Get all of Junction’s functionality – or just the parts you need. Our product range fits at every stage of retailing, booking and travelling. Junction solves today’s problems, and lets your company tap into new markets when you’re ready to scale up.

The world’s biggest travel inventory

Junction Go – a single, global marketplace for all travel related content.

Unify the distribution, retailing, booking and management process, into one platform. Make single click orders for multimodal travel – with personalised, experience-enhancing content for travellers.

Connect with Junction

A range of purpose built solutions tapping into the Junction landscape

Junction extension illustrations


Synchronise via the API and SDK

Offer more to your customers by integrating Junction into your platform via its own API or SDK integration.


White Label Interfaces

Off-the-shelf e-commerce platform and customer application.


Travel Management Tools

For travel agencies and companies travel management companies.