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4 ways in which Junction simplifies group & events bookings!

Check out the top 4 ways in which Junction can help you simplify your group and events bookings.

May 28, 2024


Meet the new kids shaping the future of business travel

In this whitepaper, travel tech firms Trainline Partner Solutions and Snowfall Travel explore the challenges and opportunities for corporate travel companies and their travellers.

Feb 27, 2024


Convenience is King. And tech makes travel easier than ever

We’re entering a new golden era of travel technology, where all the annoying parts of a journey are a thing of the past. Convenience – it’s the king we deserve.

Dec 4, 2023


What is the Multimodal Digital Mobility Services (MDMS) initiative?

The European Commission's Multimodal Digital Mobility Services (MDMS) initiative aims to simplify the way people access and use multimodal transport. But can it be done?

Nov 13, 2023


Is sustainable business travel a myth?

Sustainable business travel is a hot topic, and everyone in the industry wants in on it. But the reality is – hardly anyone is truly sustainable right now.

Nov 3, 2023


AI in travel is not "the future" – it's already here

Just a year ago, if you told someone that your average citizen would be able to use AI on their phone – to do anything from manage their finances to creating an impressionist masterpiece – you’d probably be laughed out of the room.

Nov 3, 2023


Legacy travel tech: it's time to fix the plumbing

The underlying systems that the travel industry is built on date back to the 1970s. And that old plumbing is leaking all over the place. It’s time to get to work on modernisation – but with a task this big, where do we even begin?

Nov 1, 2023


Multimodal travel: aviation needs to think beyond the flight

In an age defined by rapidly evolving consumer demand, could multimodality be aviation's unexpected secret weapon?

Sep 20, 2023


The impact of airline continuous pricing on corporate travel programs

As airlines shift towards continuous pricing, Snowfall explores what this means for corporate travel buyers and their managed travel programs.

Jun 2, 2023