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Who we are

Employees at Snowfall

Snowfall is a UK-based, Swedish-founded travel technology company which has delivered products, services and partnerships since 2003.

Employees at Snowfall

Snowfall has worked with global airline companies since 2005 and has seen rapid expansion ever since, expanding into all four verticals – air, rail, bus and ferry – one of the few travel technology companies in the world to do so.

Snowfall brings hands-on experience from leading roles with SAS, Emirates, Etihad, Sabre, and TUI.

We combined our industry knowledge and experience to launch Junction and incorporate all aspects of travel in a single operating system. Through Junction, we are empowering suppliers, resellers and partners to change the way we experience travel for good.

You are not just a coder, you are a member of a big and loving family.

Sergey / Android developer

Our partners

We believe in creating value by working in partnership with our customers.
With Junction, we deliver better travel for every journey.

  1. Scandinavian Airlines
  2. Etihad Airways
  3. British Airways
  4. American Airlines
  5. Air Canada
  6. Liat - The Caribbean Airline
  7. Virgin Trains
  8. Holiday Autos
  9. United Airlines
  10. JR
  11. Last Minute dot com
  12. Expedia
  13. RATP
  14. Membership Collective Group
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Our approach

We are travellers

We live our products, and we are our own customers. We are always on-hand to deliver inventive solutions to your problems.

Wing of an airplane

We believe that when it comes to travel, there’s a better, faster and easier way. Where every journey is fluid and simple. And where movement is powered by innovative, elegant technology, leaving us free to travel on our own terms.

We believe in partnerships that push boundaries and drive success. This is reflected in the way we work. We will work side-by-side with you to achieve your objectives. Whatever your goal, we can help you achieve it.

It’s about giving the end-customer choice, control and confidence wherever they go. It’s about giving people more time to move, more time to explore, and more time to live.

We are travellers. For us, this is not a job, it is our passion.