A crew app for onboard operations management

Make journeys feel special. The Junction Crew app gives your team the power to elevate the customer experience. Manage announcements, meal services, onboard sales – and provide standout, personalised customer service.

Various User interfaces and woman using Junction Go data

A well-oiled machine

Manage and monitor crew activity from a centralised app. Delegate announcements, meal and drinks service duties, and make onboard sales effortless. Junction Crew gets everyone on the same page, delivering the excellence your passengers deserve.

Work Smart

Message all crew members onboard and synchronise activity down to a tee.

Get a trip overview dashboard, with event timings mapped out - and coordinate a seamless journey experience.

Junction Crew

Smile for miles.

Delight passengers with big wins and little details by personalising their experience when they travel with you.

Built-in passenger IDs and requirements let you offer a tailored service and suggest relevant upgrades to their trip.

Junction Crew

No WiFi? No problem.

Junction Crew was built to work anywhere – 40,000 feet in the air, 2,000 miles from port, or chugging along an isolated countryside railway.

Maintain comms onboard, and send any non-critical data later.

Junction Crew

Mission control.

Make every journey better, for your crew and your passengers, and build travel experiences that everyone onboard can enjoy.

Store and access important documents. See traveller loyalty and purchase preferences.

Junction Crew

First-class service, even in economy

Deliver one-of-a-kind service to each traveller, without it ever getting complicated. Manage dietary needs, special assistance, and make onboard sales easier than ever. Make more money per traveller, over the whole customer life cycle, with customer service they’ll never forget.

Built for airlines, bus, rail and ferry operators…

Junction Crew was built for travel operators – no matter how they get people around. Make it the heart of your traveller experience, and win their loyalty.

Intuitive dashboards

See journey progress, destination information, crew status – and plan your onboard services ahead of time.




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