Junction Base – a flexible Passenger Service System

Junction Base is a white-label Passenger Service System (PSS). Get your own central hub for handling reservations, ticketing, check-in, boarding – and any other service, throughout the passenger journey. It’s easy to integrate, and works for bus, rail and ferry operators.

Various User interfaces and woman using Junction Go data

Build your travel business, not booking systems

Junction Base gives you full control of managing passenger bookings and reservations. It allows your customers to search for trips, view schedules, choose their seats, and make reservations. It handles dynamic pricing, fare calculation, and inventory management – so you and your customers always get accurate and up-to-date information.

Works out of the box

Build your business, not your tech infrastructure.

Junction Base is super quick to add to your frontend, without a ton of development resources.

Junction Base

Multimodal trip bookings

Built with multimodal trips in mind.

Junction Base integrates with car rental and hospitality bookings – so you can maximise revenue per traveller, and give them an all-in-one service.

Junction Base

Looks great, works great

Stop stressing about UI and UX.

Junction Base was built and designed by industry veterans, combining decades of experience with deep research of user behaviour on booking platforms.

Junction Base

Made for mobile

Junction Base was made for a mobile-first world.

The platform seamlessly works across devices, so your customers can book however they like.

Junction Base

Get to market. Fast.

Junction Base lets your travel company focus on doing business, instead of building tech. Get your offering to market faster, and add on revenue from multimodal trips – all with a slicker, smoother experience than any of your competitors.

A ready-to-go transport reservation system

Decomplexify your transport reservation system, with a readymade solution that just works.

Built for travel operators

Junction Base works for all small to mid-sized travel operators. It’s a full-featured ferry ticket booking system, online bus booking system and rail booking platform – with endless possibilities for integrations across multimodal travel.




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