The complete travel fintech platform

Finally, a fintech solution for travel businesses – fully secure, totally transparent, and super simple. Junction Pay makes and receives payments directly to banks, slashing payment lead times, with optimised exchange rates over multiple currencies.

Junction Pay in Hub User Interface

Fintech built for travel

We listened to our customers, and the problems they’ve encountered with payments in the travel industry. Junction Pay is our response – where fintech meets travel tech.

Fast, seamless payments. Direct bank clearing and built-in foreign exchange

Purpose-built for the travel industry. Built to be fast. Built to work without borders. Built to be compliant with local financial regulations and data residency laws. Built with banking-grade security technology. Built to lead. And Junction Pay is class-leading, on every front.

Your financial hub for B2B travel

Do more than manage payments. Junction Pay is a complete treasury management platform for your travel business.

FX conversions

Convert and top up accounts on the fly. Report and forecast your FX exposure. Get the most advanced live currency pricing in the industry.

Fintech meets travel tech

User interface of Pay tab on Junction Hub




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