Automated traveller assistance

Go beyond booking. Stay ahead of the curve. Give next-level customer care – even when things don’t go to plan. Junction Plus gives travellers proactive support when they need it most, with continuous monitoring and automated assistance, before, during and post-trip.

Junction Plus User Interface

Adaptive. Automatic. Amazing.

Junction Plus automates the hard stuff – and makes travel frictionless. Just plug in the Junction API, and let it do all the work.

Exceptional Experiences

Automated travel technology that feels like magic.

Junction Plus adapts to the individual, for unique travel experiences.

Various user interface elements of Junction Plus

Experience a tailored flow

Preemptively adjust whole itineraries in the event of a disruption.

Get personalised alternatives, and rebook everything from a single platform.

Various user interface elements of Junction Plus

Zero-fuss auto check in

Show travellers a world without barriers.

Junction Plus automates the check-in process, and gives customers more time to do what they want.

Various user interface elements of Junction Plus

Higher value per traveller

Make more money per traveller, with automatic personal upgrade suggestions.

Retain more customers and maximise their lifetime value.

Various user interface elements of Junction Plus

In tune, on time

Be in tune with your customer – and help them build their ideal trip. Junction Plus provides automated, personalised ancillary product suggestions that enhance travel experiences, without the hard sell.

The world’s most advanced travel assistant

Travel can feel gruelling. Junction Plus makes the experience as effortless as possible.

Contextual travel notifications

Know the path ahead. Junction Plus gives you the information you need when it matters – so you won’t miss a beat.




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