Smart travel management, made simple

With its revolutionary user interface, Junction One is designed to work faster and more intuitively than any other travel management software. Discover the simplest, most powerful online booking tool for business travel, TMCs and agents.

Junction One User Interface

Made for modern business travel

Junction One is for today’s business traveller – someone who expects simple, user-friendly tools, not clunky legacy software. Attract modern corporates to your TMC, and revolutionise the way you book business travel.

Business travel for the next generation

Attract modern businesses to your TMC, with a future-fit travel management tool designed for the next generation of corporate travellers. Junction One’s modernised OBT design includes a self-service environment, that lets users build personalised trips collaboratively.

A future-fit digital storefront

Junction One was built for the future, to make travel management easier than ever before.

Next-gen storefront

Are you really getting value from going low cost? Could you get a better rate, and a better travel experience? Junction One lets you find out, without shopping around. Our next-gen storefront provides a rich retailing experience – showing all product offerings up front, with no hidden costs. Build maximum value from multimodal trips, effortlessly.




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