How can multimodal travel technology improve the traveller experience?

Multimodal travel tech makes travel more convenient, efficient and personalised.

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Multimodal travel booking technology has the potential to significantly improve the traveller experience in a number of ways, including convenience, efficiency, and personalisation.


Multimodal travel booking technology allows travellers to plan and book their entire trip, including multiple modes of transportation, from a single platform.

This reduces the need for travellers to visit multiple websites or make phone calls to book different parts of their journey.


Multimodal travel booking technology can help streamline the travel experience, including providing real-time updates on transportation schedules and delays, allowing travellers to adjust their plans accordingly.


Having a personalised experience is increasingly important to travellers, with 94% stating that they value personalised travel recommendations.

From being able to choose their preferred mode of transportation, seat type, and meal options, travellers expect to be able to travel their way, and aren't willing compromise.

Multimodal travel booking technology can help personalise the travel experience, based on the preferences and needs of individual travellers. Additionally, the use of AI in travel technology platforms is making it easier to offer personalised options based on past booking behaviour.

Cost savings

Multimodal travel booking technology can help travellers find the best deals and save money on transportation.

By comparing prices and options across different modes of transportation, travellers can find the most cost-effective and efficient routes.


Finally, multimodal travel booking technology can promote more sustainable travel choices by highlighting low-emission modes of transportation, such as public transport and micromobility options.

By encouraging travellers to choose more sustainable modes of transportation, the technology can help reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

A study by Amadeus found that sustainable travel options are becoming increasingly important to travellers, with 58% of travellers saying they would pay more for sustainable travel options.

The benefits of multimodal travel technology

Overall, multimodal travel booking technology can significantly improve the traveller experience by providing greater convenience, efficiency, personalisation, cost savings, and sustainability.

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