Next-gen travel tech: what do tomorrow’s travellers expect?

We take a look at the shifting behaviours of next-gen travellers and how travel technology is keeping pace.

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Younger generations of travellers have grown up in a digital age and have high expectations for travel booking technology. They expect a seamless and personalised experience that caters to their unique preferences and needs. They also value transparency, convenience, and flexibility when booking their trips.

Frictionless Travel

According to a survey conducted by Expedia, millennials prioritise technology and expect a frictionless travel experience. They prefer to book their travel arrangements online, with 60% of them booking their trips through their smartphones.

The study also found that younger travellers prioritise experiences over stuff, with 74% of millennials choosing to spend their money on travel experiences rather than on material possessions.


In addition, younger generations of travellers place more value on sustainability and responsible tourism. They are increasingly seeking out eco-friendly and socially responsible travel options. According to's 2021 Sustainable Travel Report, 53% of global travellers consider sustainable travel options when planning their trips, with this figure rising to 62% among millennials.

Artificial intelligence

To cater to these expectations, travel booking technology providers are investing in AI-driven personalisation and mobile-first platforms. For example, in 2021, Airbnb launched its "Flexible Dates" feature, which allows users to search for listings without specifying exact dates, providing greater flexibility and customisation.

Additionally, travel booking websites are using AI algorithms to provide personalised recommendations and tailored experiences based on users' search history and preferences.

Everything in one place

We’re seeing non-traditional players, such as Uber and Revolut, disrupting the travel space. And next-gen travellers are here for it.

The rise in popularity of super apps such as Grab and WeChat demonstrates a growing appetite for convenience and the ability to manage multiple tasks through one platform.

Even Elon Musk’s weighed in, hailing his acquisition of Twitter as an important step in the development of “X - the everything app”.

Booking and managing travel is no different - younger travellers expect to be able to access, book and manage all of their travel options in one place, seamlessly. 

Meeting the needs of next-gen travellers

Younger generations of travellers expect a personalised, seamless, and responsible travel experience, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and technology.

Travel booking technology providers are responding to these expectations by investing in AI-driven personalisation, mobile-first platforms, and sustainable travel options.

To find out how our multimodal travel platform, Junction, can help your business deliver a booking experience fit for next-gen travellers, talk to our team.

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