Snowfall launches Junction, the multimodal travel platform for a new generation

Junction creates a new ecosystem for travel where personalisation, convenience and flexibility are one click away.

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LONDON, UK (DECEMBER 2021) - Global travel tech innovator, Snowfall, has today announced the launch of Junction – the next-generation travel platform that enables suppliers, resellers and partners to deliver the next generation of travel.

Junction provides travellers with more control, choice and confidence, making it possible to book multiple modes of travel door-to-door in a single booking and supports the traveller throughout the entire journey. By offering a wide range of content, services and enhancements, the platform introduces a new way to connect all of the participants in the travel ecosystem and disrupts how travel is booked and experienced.

Junction arrives at a time when outdated infrastructures and legacy systems are leaving major gaps in the traveller experience. The online research and booking process for travellers has become difficult to navigate. With an increasing focus on sustainability, Junction simplifies the complexities of booking and provides easy access to more sustainable modes of travel, empowering travellers to make conscious choices for every trip they take.

By incorporating all modes of travel in a single travel platform and removing legacy complexity, Junction enables suppliers, resellers and partners to offer greater choice, freedom and flexibility to their customers.

Junction is powered by four cloud-based modules: Go, One, Plus and Pay. These technologies ensure:

  • Cost effective distribution (Go) 

  • A consumer-grade booking experience fit for current and future generations of travellers (One) 

  • Automated, personalised real-time traveller assistance and disruption management (Plus)

  • Fast, integrated payments (Pay) 

These four modules modernise the way to connect, interact and increase value across the ecosystem, creating a new standard for the industry.

Snowfall, the company behind Junction, is a UK-based travel technology company delivering products, services and partnerships. Snowfall is leveraging its experience from all major travel verticals, one of the few companies who can bring this extensive expertise. While partnering with over 40 top tier travel companies, Snowfall's solutions, such as ticketless travel, have consistently led the way for travel innovation on a global scale.

Stefan Cars, Snowfall CEO and Founder commented:

"We created Junction because, when it comes to travel, we believe there's a better way. Junction unlocks the power of technology and delivers travel that is accessible, flexible and straightforward. By incorporating all modes of travel in a single, dynamic platform, we are bringing simplicity to the complex travel industry and empowering suppliers, resellers and partners to change the way people experience travel for good. Connected to Junction, suppliers and resellers can provide their customers with a new generation of offers through the channels their customers prefer.”



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